Tea with a Titan: Mercedes Nicoll

Tea with a Titan

tea with a titan

Tea With A Titan

I was lucky enough to be introduced to writer/speaker/performer and all round great human Mary-Jo Dionne this spring at the RBC branch opening in the Vancouver Olympic Village. Mary-Jo instantly asked me to be on her podcast Tea with a Titan. Tea with a Titan is a weekly 1 hour podcast with host Mary-Jo Dionne interviewing entrepreneurs, athletes, entertainers, artist, philanthropist, thought-leader, difference maker with the quest for greatness.

Tea with a Titan: Mercedes NicollWe talked Olympics, growing up in a life of sport, over coming challenges, what it takes to be an athlete and so much more. I had so much fun chatting with Mary-Jo please take the time to listen to our conversation!

TEA with a TITAN: Mercedes Nicoll


Tea With A Titan

Tea With A Titan





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