Halfpipe Fam Jam 2016

Halfpipe Fam Jam 2016

Time for a fun spring  pipe session? The pipe on Blackcomb is looking really good. Both Dom Vallee and myself want to get back to the good old days, back when everyone was hiking the pipe together, having fun, no stress, no contest, just plain old fun in the sun and pipe. Let’s ride and hike the pipe like its the early 2000’s all over again friends! Win $300 more details here BEST CLIP!

The one and only Feet Banks sums it up perfectly in his Whistler.com blog post;

No Contest: Fam Jam Hottest New WSSF Event



Pique NewsMagazine write up 

Nicoll, Vallee roll out Halfpipe Fam Jam Casual event late addition to WSSF slate


  • Everyone’s invited
  • April 9th 11-3
  • It’s not a contest just fun riding with friends
  • Mc’s Stuart Andrews and Chris “Nix” Nichols (we have no control over them)
  • It’s also Dom Vallee’s Birthday so give her a hug!
  • INVITE & TELL EVERYONE you can think of, let’s make this memorable
  • Oakley is sponsoring the event with prizes
  • Win $300 more details here BEST CLIP

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