TedX Youth Granville Mercedes Nicoll

TedX Youth@Granville Mercedes Nicoll

Ted x youth@granville mercedes nicoll

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I’m pleased to share that I will be one of 11 speakers at TedX Youth@Granville this year, June 5th 2016. The theme being ‘Focus’ seems fitting for me to share my last Olympic experience with the audience of 250 youngsters.

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Other speakers

Danny Ramadan  Canadian-Based Syrian author and journalist

Amy Pezzente works for three nonprofit organizations: The Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre, Jessie’s Legacy Eating Disorders Prevention Program, and the Looking Glass Foundation for Eating Disorders

Rishabh Chaudhary  co-founder of taski

Carly Sotas author of Illusion

Matt Clarke Vancouver based filmmaker, writer, actor, musician and comedian

Nicole Ticea developed and early -stage HIV test when she was in Grade 10

High on Life  Parker, Ryker and Alexey adventure seekers and video makers turned life into a thriving lifestyle brand

Check out Tedxyouthgranville for others


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