From Caddy to Crusher

From Caddy to Crusher

This spring I was part of Nickalus North Golf Course and Whistler FM’s From Caddy to Crusher.

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From Caddy to Crusher consisted of me taking 5 lessons at Nickalus North Golf Course’s Winter Indoor Instruction with Director of Instruction Graham Kehoe. I was introduce Whistler’s only winter golf instruction and practice area. I was hitting balls into a 16′ hitting bay with ball flight projected on a full size screen, utilizing Flightscope X2 technology.

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After each lesson I would have a week to practice at the indoor facility at Nickalus North. Every Monday morning Graham and I would check in with Whistler FM to talk about my progress.

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This was a great thing to get my body moving and working again since my accident. It has been a long year and a half of practicing patience for me, now I’m applying it to my golf swing, which has drastically improved by the way!



whistler FM

Final Interview





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