New on Pinterest, My Winter Look

New on Pinterest, My Winter Look

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A lot of inspiration for my art comes from Pinterest as well as my beautiful surroundings in Whistler. I’ve been on Pinterest here and there, I mostly go on it to get artistic and DIY ideas. I have to admit, I found some paintings I liked so much on Pinterest, I painted them for myself.

Aside from my artistic side, I thought people out there might like to see what my personal snowboard style and après fashion is. So I’ve decided to give everyone a glimpse into my winter look by putting up a new Pinterest board.

What I’m wearing winter 2014-2015.

This new Pinterest board includes my Winter 2014/2015 fashion. This year was all about camo and I don’t think it’s going away anytime soon! I sported both the camo jacket as well as the pants, not at the same time, but with with a bright complementing colour or black. 

I love to pop on my City Jacket with the bright Evolution Pant,

PWDRROOM team rider choice videos

For more info on both of these, I’ve attached my PWDRROOM team rider choice videos on both these products!

Be sure to check stores near you having massive sales for these and many more PWDRROOM pieces.

Also stay tuned for my spring fashion board and check out the new spring PWDRROOM site for some fun spring/summer ideas.

Don’t forget to check out my new Pinterest board!



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