Avalanche course Jan 2015

Avalanche course Jan 2015IMG_5254

It had been a while since I had brushed up on my avy training. I had taken a recreational course when I was younger, but wanted to brush up on my skills. I wend out a couple weeks ago on Blackcomb with Jennifer Godbout and dug a pit, used our peeps and probes while learning more and more about the snow. Luckily the last two days I tagged along to her Level One Avalanche Course.


I figured if my head won’t let me compete yet, due to the concussion I suffered from in Sochi 2014, I might as well be learning more about the environment that I am in every day. I highly recommend taking a course, even if you don’t plan on being out of bounds or in the backcountry. You’ll learn ways to read the mountains that you may not have thought of before, therefore finding those epic pow spots, that no one else has found!


Here’s to taking a shit situation and throwing a positive spin on things. IMG_4946

Happy to say that yesterday I started to feel like myself on my board again, looking forward to more days like that. Thankful and grateful for family and friends and positive thoughts.



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